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What is Lovingkindness Ministries?

Metro Manila, Philippines --

About Us

To explain, allow us to first define "lovingkindness."  Lovingkindness is the English translation of an ancient Hebrew word which meant an act of kindness which was not deserved, the type of act usually reserved only for beloved family members.  (The New Testament word for this is "Grace," meaning undeserved favor.)  The Scriptures tell us that all of us are recipients of the Creator's lovingkindnesses; therefore we have a responsibility to convey the same to others- especially to the most needy and least loved of society.

Lovingkindness Ministries, Inc. is a Philippines registered NGO, formed in February, 2006, as a non-profit, non-stock corporation. IRS recognized non-profit (501(c)(3)) status in the U.S. was originally achieved in May, 2006, through approval and registration as a partner foundation with the National Heritage Foundation, which has been given highest ratings by Charity Navigator.  However, due to the present economic crisis in the U.S., and seeing an expansion of its ministry networking, in February, 2009, it formed a sister Indiana, USA non-profit organization, Lovingkindness Ambassadors, Inc., which enjoys non-profit recognition status from both the State of Indiana and the IRS.

The Beginning

It began with seeing the thousands of street children, usually in dirty, ragged clothing- often barefoot, and always asking for money or trying to sell something. We didn't want to give money, out of concern it would be used for glue (for sniffing- a cheap narcotic) or go to someone else... But our hearts went out to them- knowing that we needed to do something...

Then in January, 2006, while visiting Dinnah's home city in Mindanao, we took the initiative of talking to some of the kids we saw outside a fast food restaurant- asking if they were hungry, where they lived, about their parents and siblings. Learning that they were genuinely hungry, we bought food to give them. It was then that something clicked- for about $2 U.S., we had insured that 7 people that night would not have to go to sleep hungry. That event was the beginning of Lovingkindness Ministries. After we returned to Manila, we never again ignored or simply bypassed a child or adult who appeared to be in need, often sending additional food home with them for other children in the household.

But we knew that such feedings, while important, were not a long term solution for any of these children. Some had no homes at all. Others, who had homes, lived in such dire poverty that their parents (or guardians) couldn't afford to send them to school or even to feed them properly. So God spoke to our hearts about starting a children's home, and perhaps later a school for underprivileged children. So, with God's help, we did in February, 2006, and little Zymon, a 5 year old boy living with his grandfather in a box on the streets, turned up. Others came later- some directly from the streets, others referred to us. 3 children were reconnected with caring family members, and 5 others are presently in the care of another home, as we were compelled to temporarily close our children's home in May, 2007, due to financial constraints.

Also in January, 2006, we saw that mothers with small children and infants were living on the streets- completely homeless with no place to go.  Again our hearts were moved, knowing we had to do something... We were able to find and rent a small house suitable as a family shelter, and on the 5th of February, 2006, Cindy and Winnie and their children moved in. Both of their families, along with the 12 others that we assisted in getting off the streets since then, became like extended family for us. Homeless- destitute- whatever the reason- they needed assistance, and they needed to know that someone cared about them.  They needed to feel God's love.  A hand out? Yes, when needed.  But a hand up as well, whenever possible  And thanks be to God, we have seen several of our families get permanently off the streets, working and earning enough to support their families and to have a place they can call their own.

Our Mission

Our sole purpose for existence is to be pipelines - channels that God's love can flow through, reaching those who are least likely otherwise to feel His love. In doing this, our primary focus is on those whom most of society tends to ignore, or push aside- the street children and homeless. We strive to accomplish this both with handouts and with a hand up. Handouts are essential in showing that we care about immediate needs (food, water and medical). Giving a "Hand up" requires more commitment, but deals with long term solutions such as shelter, education, counseling, job training, livelihood programs, work opportunities and often small enterprise loans.

Feeding the hungry

At the present time we have three approaches to this mandate; our Ministry Center, where we provide preparatory and early elementary school education for extremely disadvantaged children, trying to insure that they get at least one nutritious meal daily (and often provide food for them to take home to their siblings), our mobile street feeding, which involves feeding street kids and families near us (usually 45-60 each evening)- generally a nutritious, home cooked soup or stew and a piece of fruit, and the "Good Samaritan" approach- buying food for the hungry (children, invalids, elderly and homeless) that God brings across our paths.  Recently we also established an informal alliance with River of Joy Christian Fellowship, which ministers to several hundred street children each week.  For the past several months we have been assisting them with their feeding ministry, and hope to build on that in the near future, as God provides. 


Probably there is no better way to make a lasting impact on children's lives than through education.  Although public education is "free,"  many parents are still unable to send their children because they cannot afford uniforms, books and school supplies.  We often see children as old as 14 or 15 who have never attended school.  God put it on Dinnah's and Belinda's hearts to focus on this great need when we began the Ministry Center in July, 2007.  Children were eager, and parents were grateful, and we currently have 40 children enrolled in our preschool/preparatory program, ranging in age from 5 - 12.  This program is completely free of charge for the parents, but several of these children walk 20 - 30 minutes each way to come to school.  As mentioned above, we also provide a nutritious meal to the children, often sending extra home with them for their siblings. 

Street medicine

Although there is a national health insurance program in the Philippines, many people, including all of those living on the streets and probably most living in squatters' areas, are not enrolled in it.  Even though the public hospitals are not supposed to turn away anyone, medicines and treatment are rarely provided without prepayment or payment guarantees.  As a result, these folks do not usually go to clinics or hospitals due to lack of funds, and many injuries and medical conditions go untreated. Seeing the need, we began carrying a basic medical bag with us so that we can treat sores and ulcers and even do basic physicals on the streets and in the shelters. We also often provide medicines and assist with medical expenses where we are able.

Disaster Relief

The Philippines are one of the most disaster prone nations in the world, with typhoons, earthquakes, floods, mudslides and volcanic eruptions occuring regularly. As a small NGO, we have the ability to respond very quickly when disaster strikes, getting essential food and water to survivors. This gives encouragement and hope to survivors, and may mean the difference between starvation and survival for the families that we reach.

Children's Home

This is for children either directly "rescued" from the streets, or referred to us by pastors or social workers. These children are all from abandoned, neglected, or abused backgrounds, often with special emotional needs. We have seen that a stable, secure environment with lots of love works miracles, and we get a small glimpse of how our heavenly Father must feel when we respond to His love... Our goal for our children is that they will always feel loved and secure, and ultimately achieve their God-given destinies.  Due to lack of finances, we were compelled to suspend our children's home operations in May, 2007, temporarily transferring our children to another home.  This is something, however, that remains very strongly on our hearts, and as God provides and leads, we hope to restart in the near future.

Homeless Shelters

We opened our first shelter for homeless families in February, 2006, and in August of that year expanded to three shelters, with as many as 14 families. Along with temporary housing, we also provided food assistance, counseling, medical care, vocational training, and cottage industry sponsorship. Some families "graduated," earning sufficient incomes to transition to their own apartments or small homes, while a few went back to the streets.  One baby, Jayward, was born at our first shelter in April, 2006 (Cindy did not want to go to the hospital, so we found a midwife), and he is still doing well.  Unfortunately, due to financial limitations, we were compelled to close our shelters in February, 2007, but were thankful for the opportunities we had to serve.  We recently visited Lunetta Park, where numerous homeless families live, and where some of our first contacts had been, and received a warm welcome.  God willing, we will soon be able to restart this vital ministry.

Long-term Vision

We envision purchasing property in one of the provinces near Manila, and building a compound which will house our children's home and school, administrative housing, shelters for homeless families, space for vocational training programs, adult education, and a small farm. We also envision opening "Drop In" shelters for homeless street children and families in various areas of Metro Manila, so that none are forced to sleep on the streets because they have no where else to go.

We maintain meticulous spreadsheet records - accounting for every peso that our Father places in our hands.

Randy, Dinnah & Baby Hannah- Batangas-0706-rszd.JPG

Randy & Dinnah Bradbury, Founders and Directors

Randy Bradbury


            Age:             50

            Married:      Wife- Dinnah (Delgado)

            Nationality:  U.S.

            Occupation:  Director/Administrator - Lovingkindness Ministries, Inc.

                                Prior:  (Most recent):  Real estate investor – NW Florida

     Other:  Sales; Financial Planning; International business

                 research, planning, & negotiations (Russia, Central

                 Asia, U.A.E. & U.S.)


            Education:  Completed premed – SUNY Clg of Technology, Utica, NY – 1984

                              Completed requirements for B.S. in General Science – 1985

                              CLU & ChFC professional certifications conferred – Sept, 1989

                              Attended Hobe Sound Bible College & Point Pleasant Bible School

                              Military:  Basic Medic (91B), Jump School, 300F1 (Special Forces Medic),

                                             SFQC (Special Forces Qualification Course)


            Military:     U.S. Army - Active Duty – 1976 – 1979

                                                 Active Reserves – 1983 - 1989

                                                 IRR - 1979 - 1983, 1989 - 1990



Dinnah (Delgado) Bradbury


            Age:              28

            Married:       Husband- Randy Bradbury

            Nationality:  Filipina

            Occupation:  Co-director / Administrator - Lovingkindness Ministries, Inc.

                                  Prior:  Elementary Teacher- private Christian school

                                             Also worked as Special Ed teacher


  Education:   Bachelor of Elementary Education Degree – Saint Columban College –

                    Pagadian City, Mindanao - 2000


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